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UDATE: 12.20.2020


We’re back. Welcome to to v2.0. Your incandescent-optimized window into the better world of yesterday.  Plenty on tap right now so buckle up, buttercup.


What would a throwback band be in 2020 without a dropship ecommerce site? Visit our online store NOW and pick up a piece of reasonably priced, Puddy swag. Unlike the old days, the process is 100% automated and totally impersonal.  No hand-made silkscreened t’s here…  Also, no dropping cash in the mail and waiting for a lazy jackhole musician to never complete the transaction.  CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW!


We stand with most artists on the debate of platform ethics.  However, your laziness, addiction to convenience and distain for all things tangible easily delivered victory to big tech while saving the music industry establishment from extinction. It also legitimized the “hit maker / uber driver” vocation. You know it’s super serious when Jimmy Page starts chirping and Grimes applies for (and receives) $90k in Factor grants.  Anyway, big congrats.  Liner notes were almost always an exercise in douchey self indulgence anyway.  

Sweetspot, Drive and Endustry are finally available on most legitimate platforms amassing billions through artist exploitation and tax evasion. 



If you feel inclined and would like to support us in this latest endeavor, please hit up our newly minted BandCamp page and drop a couple of bucks to buy a track or a CD.  Same goes with any other artists you follow. We have a lot of musician friends who have been having a pretty tough time through 2020 and BandCamp has gone out of their way (more than the pack) to do what they can to help musicians through such an unprecedented shit sandwich. 
Our return to active status was kickstarted when we realized a bootlegged version of Sweetspot on YT received over 120,000 hits and an overwhelmingly positive response.

Eric in session

Footage of Eric punishing a sweet 1964 orange sparkle Ludwig kit in Montreal during our first Demagogo studio session in October 2020.



For those just joining back in, we’ve been piecing together songs for a new album that will be released in 2021. The LP’s working title is “Demagogo”, and it will be a collection of songs written between 2018 and now.

We’ll be reuniting with producer Andy Curran (Coney Hatch/Rush/Big Sugar), and adding engineers Vic Florencia (Danko Jones/Volbeat/Headstones) and Ryan Battistuzzi (Colin Moore/Miracles) to the family.

The ongoing travel restrictions and closures continue to wreak havoc with our schedule but we’re slowly chipping away and should have things wrapped up relatively soon.  Initial plan was to release something on the 20th anniversary of Sweetspot (May 2020) but as with so many things this year…


Head on over to Badpixel Inc’s Instagram page and YouTube channel for an early sampling of what’s to come.  For those that don’t know, Badpixel Inc. is my (Paolo’s) content shop and “day job”.

In our downtime, we produce a video series called “Badpixel Builds” which features various maker / diy projects.  The latest multi-part installment documents a kickass one-of-a-kind, custom guitar cab build.  The rig featured/created in the video will be used on the new record.  The last episode in the series is devoted to a sound test using riffs and some tracks from the upcoming album.
Another track (in demo form) from the new record called “Bourbon For The Bylaw Officer” can be found in an older episode featuring an arcade cabinet build.  You can find it here.